BUCS Fleet Racing Championships 2014

Laser Fleet

Entries: 17

Provisional Results

Sail No Class Helm University Handicap
154603 Laser William Sellers Exeter University 1088
162888 Laser Radial Samuel Clarke Plymouth University 1122
174382 Laser Titus Treneman Southampton University 1088
179554 Laser Christopher Spencer Plymouth University 1088
189087 Laser Axel Enblad City University London 1088
192454 Laser Radial Giles Kuzyk Birmingham University 1122
198896 Laser Reuben Murphy Swansea University 1088
201666 Laser Freddie Chiddicks Surrey University 1088
201855 Laser Radial AnaMarija Mojasevic Southampton Solent University 1122
202436 Laser Radial Hannah Tilley Southampton University 1122
204005 Laser Matt Reid Southampton Solent University 1088
204889 Laser Mike Calvert Plymouth University 1088
205648 Laser Martin Evans Exeter University 1088
206940 Laser Lorenzo Brando Chiavarini Plymouth University 1088
DNC1 Laser Edward Jones Southampton University 1088
DNC2 Laser Kieran Hill Southampton University 1088
DNC3 Laser Mark Thomas Plymouth University 1088

DNC-Did Not come to Starting Area DNS-Did Not Start OCS-On Course Side of Start Line
ZFP-Z Flag Penalty under Rule 30.2 BFD-Black Flag Disqualification under Rule 30.3 SCP-Scoring Penalty under Rule 44.3
DNF-Did Not Finish RET-Retired DSQ-Disqualification
DNE-Disqualification Not Excludable        DGM-Disqualification Not Excludable under Rule 90.3b        RDG-Redress
PNE-Penalty Not Excludable DPI-Discretionary Penalty Imposed

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